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The condition of your tyres affects your ability to drive safely. After driving over a large pothole, or if you notice jiggling while driving, you may want to get your tyres checked.

Our experts will always inquire whether you’d like a tyre rotation or wheel alignment when you bring your vehicle in for tyre care. And if you aren’t accustomed to talking about cars, you could get lost in the jargon. This article will explain the difference between tyre rotation and wheel alignment to help clear up any confusion and guarantee you get the right service when ordering tyres.

What Is Tire Rotation (Tire/Wheel Balancing)?

Shimmying from side to side while driving is a sign that your tyres need to be rotated. Tire rotation, often known as tyre or wheel balance, is the process of switching tyres from one side to the other to promote equal tread wear.

Normal wear and tear on your tyres occurs while you drive since they are your vehicle’s only point of contact with the road. Due to the different amounts of friction on each tyre, natural wear is often uneven. If you look at tyre wear, you’ll see that front-wheel drive cars’ tyres tend to wear out faster than rear-wheel drive cars’ tyres. Tire wear may be affected by the way your body is distributed’s weight.

Tires need to be changed periodically to guarantee uniform wear.

What Is Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment service may be necessary if your vehicle has a tendency to veer to one side even while being driven straight. A vehicle’s front tyres need to be aligned with the vehicle’s rear tyres and the steering system for optimal performance. Hitting a large pothole while driving might throw your car’s wheel alignment off. Wheels that aren’t correctly aligned might negatively impact your vehicle’s performance and steering if you don’t have them straightened up.

The sooner the problem is noticed, the sooner the wheels can be aligned.

wheel alignment


Tire rotation may help you save money by reducing tyre wear and increasing fuel economy, but if you notice your wheels aren’t properly aligned, you should have it rectified right away to prevent further harm to your car.

Meta Mechanics offers a variety of tyre safety tests, such as wheel alignment and wheel rotation, to make sure you’re always driving safely. Using our state-of-the-art HawkEye Elite Alignment Machine, we’ll double-check three items on your car when you bring it in: The three fundamental angles are camber, caster, and toe.

Come to Meta Mechanics in Dubai or the surrounding West region if you think your car’s alignment is off. Since 2019, our company has been serving the community with its own brand of warm hospitality. 

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