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Best Workshop for Car AC Repair and Service in Dubai

Living in Dubai could sometimes be challenging because of climate harshness and the Temperature soaring up to 50 degrees. It is crucial to have a fully functional car air conditioner system. The system requires maintenance from time to time to continue functioning well. A good climate is required if you like to enjoy a relaxing ride in your car. Thus get your car AC serviced regularly.

Either your AC button is not working, your Car AC condenser is malfunctioning, your car AC smells while turning on, your car AC is not cooling while driving, not cooling on idle, AC climate control is not working, or peeking for any other car AC Service in Dubai, it is time to meet our car AC specialists at Meta Mechanics.

Air Conditioning Services at Meta Mechanics in Dubai

  • Car AC Visual Inspection
  • AC Compressor Check/Repair
  • Car AC System Flushing
  • AC High-Pressure Hose Leak
  • Car AC Gas Top Ups
  • AC Low-Pressure Hose Leak
  • Car AC Dryer
  • Car AC Filters
  • AC System Pipes and More
  • Replacement of Car AC Filter
  • Car AC Function Test
  • Car AC Evaporator Leak
  • Car AC Leak Test & Leak Fix
  • Climate Control AC Not Working
  • Car AC Gas Refill
  • Car AC Performance Test

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*Free pick up within Dubai is contingent upon where the customer avails services from us, in case no services are sought, a minimum of 300 AED will be charged for pick up/ delivery and inspection service, depending on the location within Dubai.