Car Axle Driveshaft Repair & Replacement

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Axles, CV joints, and driveshafts are essential components of your vehicle’s performance and driveability. They play a role in moving your engine’s power from the transmission to the gears and onto the drive wheels.

Due to their role, these parts need service, inspection, and regular replacement to make sure your car is in an acceptable state to bear braking forces and acceleration. If it’s time for an assessment, contact the team at Meta Mechanics today! We have a professional team of ASE accredited mechanics and state-of-the-art tools for all your Axle / Driveshaft Repairs.

Axle / Driveshaft Repair service at Meta Mechanics in Dubai

Special Driveshaft Repair Services in Dubai

Four-wheel-drive refers to cars with two axles delivering torque or power to all the four wheels or axle ends at the same time. Such cars are selected for rugged performance, especially when drivers intend to drive them off-road or on rough terrain.

The components also require to work extra hard to deliver power. Hence, wear and tear are distinct for the components and the car. Therefore, to maintain the car moving and having power, proper care is required & Meta Mechanics ensures this for our clients. Overlook for these signs and get your car checked at the first sign of trouble.

  • Clunking noise when you accelerate or shift between drive and reverse.
  • Low squeaking noise that intensifies with speed may disappear at high speeds.
  • Vibration from entire vehicle or floorboards while driving or stationary. Vibration is often worse at increased speed.
  • Difficulty turning. Resistance or hesitation when driving around corners
  • CV Axle Inspection & Replacement
  • CV Axle Replacement
  • Joint Replacement
  • U-Joint Replacement
  • Yoke Replacement

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*Free Pickup & Free Inspection

*Free pick up within Dubai is contingent upon where the customer avails services from us, in case no services are sought, a minimum of 300 AED will be charged for pick up/ delivery and inspection service, depending on the location within Dubai.