Steering Repair Service

Car Steering Repair Services in Dubai

Are you looking for professional Car Steering Repair services in Dubai? You just landed at the right place. Meta Mechanics offers steering repair services in Dubai at affordable prices.

Enjoy value-added Car Steering Repair services in Dubai.

Welcome to Meta Mechanics, the best place for Car Steering Repair in Dubai. It could be your steering system if you hear odd noises, like groaning or creaking sounds while turning your wheels. Another common problem is steering fluid leakage if you are having a struggle while turning the steering wheel. You need to pay a visit to a steering service and maintenance workshop.

At meta mechanics, we have professional technicians who can work on your precious car with advanced tools,  whether you are searching for hydraulic power steering repair & service or you need electric power steering service & maintenance. Our certified technicians are here if you have problems with the power steering pump or power steering rack failure. We do it all.

Car Steering Repair Services at Meta Mechanics in Dubai

  • Power Steering Service
  • Rack and Pinion Steering Service
  • Hydraulic Steering Service
  • Electric Power Steering Service
  • Common Steering Services
  • Steering Oil Leakage Repair
  • Contaminated Steering Fluid Change
  • Power Steering Pump Issue
  • Steering Rack Failure Repair
  • Steering System Inspection
  • Power Steering Noise Issue Repair
  • Power Steering Turn Issue
  • Tie Rod End
  • Power Steering Pump
  • Power Steering Hoses
  • Steering Alignment

Why Choose Meta Mechanics?

Friendly Environment

Qualified Specialists Technicians

Affordable Cost

All Service Under One Roof

Restoration Specialists

Customer Satisfaction

Transparent Estimates

*Free Pickup & Free Inspection

*Free pick up within Dubai is contingent upon where the customer avails services from us, in case no services are sought, a minimum of 300 AED will be charged for pick up/ delivery and inspection service, depending on the location within Dubai.