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Best Place for Car Engine Repair Service in Dubai

The engine management system is an essential part of your car. It consists of various mechanical and electrical components, including sensors, relays, Engine Control Unit (ECU), and actuators, which sync the Engine management system with its vigorous data parameters.

All these details govern the various functions of the engine and, therefore, must be kept in the most suitable condition. Meta Mechanics excels in this service as our specialized team of technicians ensures the engine is functioning correctly.

Most Common Engine Errors

  • Inspection engine light comes on- the check engine light generally illustrates your car’s dashboard when something is not good with the sensors and circuits.
  • Engine stalling or misfiring- engine starts bearing erratically when ECU starts failing. The engine might start stalling or misfiring, which may be a come-and-go symptom that may not occur regularly.
  • Problems in the implementation of the engine- if the ECU has some issues, it may influence the timing and fuel system of the engine. This can impact the engine’s performance, fuel efficiency, power, and acceleration might fall.
  • Car not starting- if your car is not starting or has a problem starting, this might be due to a failing ECU.

Engine Repair Services at Meta Mechanics in Dubai

  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • Overheating Repair
  • Engine Head Gaskets Repair
  • Engine Is Vibrating
  • Oil Leakage Repair
  • Coolant Leakage Repair
  • Engine Oil & Water Mix Repair
  • Misfire In Engine Repair
  • Engine Making Smoke Repair
  • Engine Valve Damage
  • Oil Pump Issue
  • Engine Running in Limp Mood
  • Management Lights On
  • Engine Rattling
  • Turbo Charges Repair
  • Diesel Particulate Filters
  • Turbo Injectors Repair
  • Diesel & Petrol Engines Repair
  • Engine Timing Chain
  • Cambelts & Timing Belts Service
  • Engine Camshaft Belt Issues
  • Repair/Full Reprograming
  • Fuel Pump Issue

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