3 Essential Car Checks Before Any Long Trip

Essential Car Checks

Going on a long road trip can be an exciting and rewarding experience. But before you hit the open road few Essential Car Checks to do it’s important to make sure your car is up to the task. There are a few essential car checks that you should carry out before any long trip. Failing … Read more

Things Keep in Mind While Choosing Workshop


The automobile workshop you drive is more than just a means of getting from here to there; it’s also a reflection of your own taste and sense of style. There are a number of good reasons why our Meta Mechanics in Dubai is the recommendation of authorities and vehicle care experts: Maintaining regular auto workshop … Read more

High Quality Engine Tune Up in Dubai

Audi Repair Dubai

Your engine needs an engine tune up if it is making strange noises, is running slowly, is unreliable, or is vibrating. The pavement in Dubai may be rough on a car’s engine. There are several advantages to getting your car’s engine tuned properly. Maintaining your automobile regularly goes a long way toward ensuring its continued … Read more

Benefits of Car Engine Coolant Flush

engine coolant

Engine coolant, often known as antifreeze, is a fluid used to transmit and exhaust waste heat from an internal combustion engine. There is a wide variety of engine coolants on the market, but the ones that are most often found in stores are composed of propylene glycol or ethylene and water. To find the correct … Read more


car battery

A vehicle car battery that isn’t as powerful as it once was is a cause for worry. This may cause a cascade of problems that motorists would rather avoid. Trouble Starting The Car The automobile will splutter when it has to be started. This is an indication that the automobile car battery is not getting … Read more


car mileage

Dubai notoriously salty roads and erratic weather conditions are hard on system exhaust systems of all makes and models. Ineffective venting from a rusted-out exhaust system not only increases the potential of deadly carbon monoxide fumes seeping into the vehicle’s interior, but it may also severely decrease the vehicle’s car mileage performance. Driving around the … Read more


wheel alignment

The condition of your tyres affects your ability to drive safely. After driving over a large pothole, or if you notice jiggling while driving, you may want to get your tyres checked. Our experts will always inquire whether you’d like a tyre rotation or wheel alignment when you bring your vehicle in for tyre care. … Read more

Top Three Reasons For Why Your Car Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

air conditioner

Your car’s air conditioner is a wonderful thing when it is working properly, but when it isn’t, you’re not going to enjoy riding around in your vehicle. If your air conditioner isn’t working right or blowing warm air, schedule an appointment at our shop so we can take a look. While the Dubai summer heat … Read more

Conventional or Synthetic Oil? Which Oil Change is Better for Car

synthetic oil

What You Didn’t Know About Oil Changes You may change your own oil or take your vehicle to the finest quick lube store in your area. Why put off getting your oil changed when it’s quick, cheap, and easy to do? Meta Mechanics guarantees that your oil change will be performed on time and with … Read more