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You are blessed to be able to drive a Nissan Patrol. It is vital to commit to regular maintenance and repair. This is essential to keep your Nissan Patrol in top condition. Suppose your Nissan Patrol isn’t performing as it once did due to signature defects or common problems that result from missing routine maintenance at car garage near me in Dubai. In that case, you will need a meta mechanics car service center that you can trust to repair these issues. Due to the high output demands of high-performance vehicles, turbocharger oil leakages or other defects are standard.

Recently, we received a Nissan Patrol car repairs Dubai with heavy oil leakage from the exhaust pipe and inlet manifold. Air filters and housing areas were contaminated with engine oil. We discovered that the bank two turbochargers had a defect responsible for the problem.

Cost-Effective Solution

Turbocharger replacement can be expensive. NISSAN PATROL is an exception. This turbocharger could be costing approximately 12K to 15K. Our team recommended a cost-effective solution to the client and assured him that he could overhaul the turbo unit rather than replace it. This will help him save a lot of cash.

The turbocharger combines a compressor and a turbine on a standard shaft. It has bearings and thrust support bushings. The turbine shaft can rotate at speeds up to 100,000 revolutions per hour. High RPM operation and heat are all factors that can cause damage. Turbocharges are extremely difficult to car repair in Dubai as only a few experts are available in the UAE.

Because of low pressures in the compressor housing, sealing the compressor end can be more complicated than sealing the turbine. Air slipstreams between the compressor housing, compressor impeller backplate, and the pressure drop through the air filter can cause these low pressures.

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Low pressures create a vacuum behind the compressor impeller, and oil tends to seep from the bearing housing into the compressor housing. The oil structure will deteriorate over time if oil contaminations are severe or the manufacturer does not follow the recommended oil replacement intervals.

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This happens more on the turbine side due to the hot exhaust environment. It leads to a pipe diameter reduction, equivalent to an oil flow decrease occurring in the turbocharger. This eventually leads to system failure and oil leaking from the exhaust and inlet air supply.

Due to excessive plaque buildup in exhaust gases, the lubrication lines became partially blocked. We thoroughly cleaned all components and measured the inside and outside shaft diameters. This helped us determine which parts could be reused and which needed to be replaced.

Turbocharger Cartridge Assemble

After all the seals, bushings, thrust bearings, and seals had been replaced, we moved on to the most challenging step: balancing the turbocharger. After balancing the compressor and turbine wheels, we balanced the whole assembly. Any slightest misalignment could cause irreparable damage to everything we did.

The shaft spins on a thin oil layer like an engine’s crankshaft. Worn bearings cause excessive shaft play. Oil can leak past seals. The exhaust pipe could emit blue smoke on boost, which could explain the oil’s location.

You can learn more about turbocharger repair or other mechanical-related services by visiting the car garage near me Meta Mechanics or calling us. We are happy to assist you.

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