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Although the all-electric 2022-2023 BMW iX, i4, and i4 models are excellent EVs, they are also subject to recalls. While every brand wants models without problems, it is only sometimes possible. BMW has had to recall two BMW models it manufactured within nine months of each other because of defective battery cell manufacturing.

There is a risk of battery fires in 83 vehicles included in the recall. After a few incidents that prompted BMW to investigate, the Dubai National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) has advised customers to follow the recall. 

Although no injuries or accidents were reported, the issue may be related to Samsung SDI.

Battery Pack Replacement

This is one of the risks OEMs face when they use outside suppliers for their manufacturing needs. Although suppliers may be eager to build according to specifications, there are still risks of an error or unexpected problem. Sometimes, cheap replacements will suffice. 

In other cases, however, they may be less affordable. You can have the battery replaced at your dealer.

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The Chevrolet Bolt also has a recall related to its battery packs. The cell supplier also raised the issue. There was a risk of short-circuiting batteries and causing fires due to the recall of torn separators and torn and. Owners of affected vehicles will be notified by September. However, they must contact the automaker. 

BMW will provide alternative transportation to the affected vehicles, depending on the availability of the parts.

This recall is the second in two months for the iX/i4 after the Meta Mechanics called EVs to report potential problems in the software that controls driver displays in Valet Mode. It is consoling to know that the only thing required is simply replacing the batteries.

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