Essential Maintenance Advice For Classic Cars

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Essential Maintenance Advice For Classic Cars In Dubai’s Climate

Classic cars aficionados encounter both opportunities and obstacles in Dubai’s distinctive climate. In Dubai, the blazing heat, sandy environment, and occasional humidity necessitate special attention and care when maintaining a classic car. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a new proprietor, these indispensable maintenance recommendations will ensure that your classic vehicles remains pristine.

Comprehending Dubai’s Climate

During the summer, Dubai’s weather is characterised by extreme temperatures, which frequently exceed 40°C (104°F). Sandstorms and elevated humidity levels are occasionally encountered in the city at specific times of the year. These factors can substantially impact classic cars, necessitating the implementation of a comprehensive maintenance regimen specifically designed to address these conditions.

Consistent Cleaning And Detailing Of Classic Cars

The accumulation of dust and sediment is one of the primary concerns for classic cars maintenance in Dubai. These particulates have the potential to inflict scratches, corrosion, and other types of damage on the exterior and interior of your vehicle. 

Washing frequently: 

Dust and sediment should be eliminated from your classic vehicle by cleaning it at least once a week. Avoid using concentrated chemicals that can damage the paint, and instead use a mild car shampoo.


Regularly allocate funds to professional detailing services. This encompasses a comprehensive cleaning of the engine bay, interior, and exterior to ensure that all debris and grime are eliminated.

Waxing for protection: 

After each cleansing, apply a high-quality wax to the exterior of your vehicle to provide an extra layer of protection against the climate.

Safeguarding The Paint:

Dubai’s scorching climate can cause the paint on your vehicle to discolour and deteriorate over time. To maintain the traditional appearance of your car:

Car covers: 

When parking outside, it is recommended that you utilise a car cover that is both UV-resistant and of high quality. This safeguards the paint from the detrimental effects of the sun.

Indoor parking: 

Whenever feasible, park your classic car in a shaded or indoor area. In addition to preventing paint damage, this mitigates exposure to direct sunlight.

Paint protection film: 

It is advisable to apply a paint protection film. This transparent layer protects your vehicle’s paint from UV rays, cracks, and scratches.

Mechanical And Engine Servicing Of Classic Cars

Especially in Dubai’s harsh climate, classic cars necessitate meticulous mechanical care to operate efficiently. The following are several critical areas that require attention:

Cooling system:

Guarantee that your automobile’s ventilation system is in optimal working order.

Conduct routine inspections of the coolant levels and replace them as necessary.

Think about employing a high-performance coolant that can endure the extreme temperatures of Dubai.

Oil changes: 

For maintaining the engine health regular oil changes are imperative. Adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended intervals and utilise high-quality, heat-resistant motor oil.

Air filters: 

Engine performance can be significantly impacted by dust and grit’s rapid clogging of air filters. Regularly inspect and replace air filters to guarantee optimal engine efficiency and ventilation.

Battery maintenance: 

Battery life may be diminished by elevated temperatures. Ensure the battery is securely affixed, clean the terminals, and inspect it regularly. Consider employing a battery that has a greater capacity to withstand heat.

Interior Maintenance

The climate of Dubai can also have an impact on the interior of your classic car. To preserve its exceptional condition:

UV protection: 

Employ window tints and sunshades to safeguard the interior from ultraviolet radiation. This protects the dashboard, seating, and other components from fading and cracking.

Leather care:

To maintain the suppleness and prevent cracking of leather upholstery in your vehicle, you should apply a high-quality leather conditioner.  In order to maintain the appearance of the leather it should be clean and conditioned with regular intervals of time.

Air conditioning: 

Guarantee your vehicle’s air conditioning system functions correctly. To maintain a comfortable and cold interior, it is necessary to conduct regular checks on the refrigerant levels and have the system serviced.

Conducting Routine Inspections Of Classic Cars 

Classic car maintenance in Dubai necessitates consistent inspections by a professional mechanic. These inspections can assist in identifying prospective issues before their development into substantial problems. Arrange for routine examinations of:


Optimal braking performance is guaranteed by inspecting the brake pads, discs, and fluid levels.


Inspect the suspension system for any indications of wear and strain, such as struts and shocks.


Conduct routine inspections of tire tread and pressure. The pavement in Dubai is scorching, which can accelerate tire degradation. Therefore, it is advisable to use tires that are specifically designed for high temperatures.

Solutions For Storage

It is essential to ensure that your classic vehicle is stored correctly to safeguard it from the harsh environment of Dubai. The following are some stowage recommendations:

Climate-controlled storage: 

If feasible, keep your classic car in a controlled storage garage. Maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level minimizes the likelihood of injury.

Periodic exercise: 

If your vehicle is stored for an extended period, it is recommended that you start and operate the engine regularly. This prevents engine components from seizing and maintains the battery’s charge.

Fuel stabilizers: 

If the vehicle is stored for an extended period, a fuel stabilizer should be applied to prevent fuel degradation. This guarantees that the engine operates efficiently upon its return to operation.

In conclusion,

Dedication and meticulousness are essential for preserving a classic automobile in Dubai’s climate. You can safeguard your investment and appreciate your classic car’s timeless beauty and performance for years by adhering to these essential maintenance tips. Each step is necessary to preserve your classic car’s condition in the challenging environment of Dubai, whether it be regular cleaning, mechanical maintenance, or appropriate storage. is the premier source for classic cars maintenance in Dubai, providing professional services and expert advice. Visit our website or follow us on social media platform for latest happenings and offer.

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