Classic Cars Restoration Repair Services

Classic Car Repair in Dubai

We are well known as Topmost Professional Dealer Alternative Classic Car Workshop for Classic and Vintage Car Repair in Dubai. Our Classic and Vintage Car Experts can handle Complete Repair Service in Dubai for any Classic Car. Your Classic or Vintage car is a personal inheritance and a respected asset. No one can define its worth in terms of cash and you need to keep it in good shape. Well, Meta Mechanics has understood the requirement and pleased to offer service of classic car repair in Dubai. At our Classic car garage, you will get service from classic car professionals, who having years of hands-on experience for working with all type of classic and vintage car repair in Dubai.

Classic Cars Restoration

Classic Cars Restoration Services

Cheers to our highly-trained Classic Cars mechanics and advanced tools for restoring your classic car. It has never been easier in Dubai to Restore or Repair Classic Cars.

A first of its kind in the country, with 25 years of our management experience, we Meta Mechanics offers Classic Cars restoration services, with highly advanced mechanical, electrical, body, denting and upholstery equipment that few others can match.

Our trained staff can handle everything for Classic Cars. Top-quality experts, equipped with the most advanced techniques in their automotive field, we will guarantee that the car you have long precious is picked up right from your home, well-restored and then delivered back to you in no time.

Whether it’s denting, painting or repairing, Meta Mechanics exclusive restoration service will absolutely help you create the twist you want to see in your classic car.


We work from Servicing to Restoration of your Vintage Cars. For Vintage Cars Restoration Works to Classic Cars Repair Services Call Us Now.

Classic Cars Restoration Dubai
Classic Cars Repair

Classic Car General Maintenance

Classic Car Bumper Repair

Classic Car Dashboard Repair

Classic Car Sunroof Repair

Classic Car Windscreen Repair

Classic Car Roof Lining Repair

Classic Car Gear Box & Transmission Repair

Classic Car Engine Repair

Classic Car Comfort System Repair

Classic Car AC Repair

Classic Car AC Gas Refill

Classic Car Rim Repair

Classic Car Wheel Alignment

Classic Car Software Programming

Classic Car Camera Radar Calibration

Classic Car Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning

Classic Car Brake Repair

Classic Car Brake Pad Replacement

Clutch Repair & Replacement

Classic Car Roadside Assistance

Classic Car Recovery

Classic Car Breakdown Repair

Classic Car Convertible Roof Repair

Classic Car Dashboard Repair

Classic Car Radiator Repair

Classic Car Steering Repair

Classic Car Suspension Repair

Classic Car Oil Change

Classic Car Modification

Classic Car Detailing

Classic Car Painting

Classic Car Polishing

Classic Car Upholstery

Classic Car Ceramic Coating

Classic Car Battery Replacement