Car Differential Repair Services in Dubai

Car Differential Repair in Dubai

A car differential is a mechanical device that allows the vehicle wheels to rotate at different speeds while still receiving power from the car engine. It is important for smooth turning, as the outer wheels need to travel a greater distance than the inner wheels.Car Differential repair services include diagnosing problems, replacing damaged parts, and safe guarding the differential operates efficiently. Differential services typically involve:

Fluid changes to make sure proper lubrication.

Inspecting and replacing worn-out gears and bearings.

Repairing or replacing the differential case and axle shafts.

Adjusting gear alignment and backlash.

Car Differential Repair

Summary of Differential Repair Services at Most Reliable Car Garage in Dubai Meta Mechanics

At Meta Mechanics, we are specialising in complete differential repair services to guarantee your car operates smoothly and securely. Our car services include:

Front Differential Repair

Diagnostic Evaluation: Utilizing advanced diagnostic equipment’s, we accurately identify differential matters and assess the extent of damage.

Differential Oil Change and Replacement: We provide differential fluid changes to maintain proper lubrication and prevent wear.

Gear and Bearing Replacement: Our mechanics proficiently replace worn-out gears and bearings to restore best performance.

Differential Case and Axle Shaft Repairs: We repair or replace damaged differential cases and axle shafts to safeguard structural integrity.

Gear Alignment and Backlash Adjustment: Precise adjustments are made to align gears and set the correct backlash, guaranteeing smooth working.

Custom Solutions: We offer custom-made solutions for different types of differentials, including open, limited-slip, locking, and torque-vectoring differentials.

Preventive Maintenance: Regular maintenance services to prevent potential differential matters and extend the lifecycle of your car.

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FAQs on Differential Repair in UAE

A vehicle differential permits the wheels to rotate at different speeds, especially during turns. It distributes engine power to the wheels while enabling them to rotate at different speeds to safeguard smooth and steady handling.

It’s recommended to service your car’s differential every 30,000 to 50,000 kilometers, depending on your car’s make and model. Regular maintenance includes changing the differential fluid and inspecting the gears and bearings for wear and tear.

Common signs include whining or howling noises, vibrations, grinding or clunking sounds, and difficulty turning. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to have your differential checked by anexpert.

The repair time can vary depending on the severity of the matter. Simple repairs or fluid changes can take a few hours, while more extensive repairs might take one to two days.

Yes, driving with a damaged differential can cause significant damage to other parts of your car, such as the axle, transmission, and tyres. It’s vital to address differential matters on time to avoid pricey repairs.

Rear Differential Repair