Finest AC installation, maintenance, repair, and service in Dubai. specialists in air conditioner installation, repair, and maintenance. Expert AC maintenance and repair, quick and effective troubleshooting Drain cleaning that is professional, equipped, and hygienic. We are suppliers, distributors, and distributors of air conditioners from O General AC, Super General AC, Mitsubishi AC, Gree AC, and LG in Dubai. We also offer air conditioners in Dubai, as well as emergency air conditioner repairs, installation, and maintenance. 

However, complimentary solutions for air conditioning system inspection, troubleshooting, and maintenance. AMC contract maintenance and all air conditioner kinds. Ac Maintenance Co. LLC is dedicated to quality and is the go-to company in Dubai for all HVAC requirements.

Maintenance & Repair of Air Conditioner.

Providing, setting up, looking after, and fixing air conditioners for homes, businesses, workplaces, schools, and hospitals. repair and upkeep of the AC water chiller.

  • Fixing & Maintaining AC
  • Service of the AC 
  • AC Duct Cleaning & Ducting 
  • Replacement and Installation of AC
  • AC Cleaning
  • Fixing the AC compressor  
  • Changing the fan motor
  • AC Modification 
  • AC Installation & Maintenance of Thermostats

Services For Air Conditioning Maintenance.

Do you want to buy a new air conditioner unit or are you sick of having to fix and maintain your old air conditioner on a daily basis?

Meta Mechanics Ac maintenance in Dubai is a proud, authorised firm that installs, fixes, and maintains Day & Night air conditioning systems in Dubai. Day & Night systems are made to be durable, dependable, and quiet. You benefit from the newest technology and a legacy of quality in systems that give your house the most comfort possible.

Do You Feel Overpowered?

The experts at ALL DONE can help you narrow down your selections and install an air conditioner that meets your needs best while still being as energy-efficient as possible if you’re overwhelmed by the variety of cooling systems available. Leave the difficult tasks to us; we’ll handle your air conditioning installation from beginning to end.

Secure, knowledgeable, and earth-friendly!

Let ALL DONE assist you with the installation of your air conditioning.

The capacity of Meta Mechanics COMPANY in Dubai to identify the underlying causes of issues at your location and to be able to offer solutions to fix them correctly the first time has been demonstrated.

For an air conditioner to perform to its greatest potential, installation must be done properly. An air conditioner that was improperly installed could endanger persons nearby and potentially harm your home.

Our installers have the education and credentials required for installing air conditioning systems safely and correctly.

With meta mechanics, make sure it’s done correctly the first time!

For more information on any air conditioning needs in the Dubai region and beyond, kindly contact us at +971569970017 and make an appointment online.

We Are Dubai’s Top AC Maintenance Company.

The go-to firm for a/c maintenance in Dubai, All Done offers repair services for a variety of personal, business, and industrial large home equipment. Including air conditioners, household items, electronics, and electrical equipment from well-known brands.

In Dubai, we specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance. For quick, dependable, same-day service, give us a call! We are just a phone call away in any circumstance. With the least amount of delay possible, your product will be taken care of by our highly skilled specialists in our fully furnished workshop.

In the HVAC sector, All Done provides a number of unique assurances that are unequaled. It would be beneficial if you were entirely at ease selecting us to do your AC maintenance.

We Provide AC Service, Repair, Cleaning, & Maintenance.

The best air conditioning maintenance in Dubai is available for all home, commercial, and industrial air conditioning requirements, from split air conditioners to central air conditioning systems. For all industries and market segments, we import, distribute, install, repair, and maintain all types of air conditioners. With cutting-edge products and services, fiercely low prices, and energy-saving solutions, we offer our customers the most efficient air conditioning solutions.

For all air conditioning systems, including central air conditioners, duct split air conditioners, wall-mounted split air conditioners, package air conditioners, chillers, and many more, we offer qualified maintenance, repair, supply, and installation services.


To ensure that you are comfortable all year long, you should always contact a highly qualified expert or firm that can diagnose, modify, or repair your air conditioning/cooling system. A professional approach is usually necessary for AC repair, which is a challenging task. Always have highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists do it.

You don’t need to be concerned if your air conditioner breaks down because meta mechanics is always available to help fix the issue. We offer all types of emergency AC repair services in Dubai, as well as all types of AC maintenance, installation, and repair services. Our highly qualified TECHNICIANS can easily handle split system maintenance, cleaning, gas refilling, AC Repairs in Dubai, and other required tasks. We offer monthly and quarterly customizable plans of AC REPAIR AND SERVICES in Dubai for commercial workplaces, offices, and businesses.