Detailing entails a thorough washing of the exterior and inside of a vehicle to preserve its lustre. Detailing helps eliminate impurities and caustic substances that detract from the appearance of your vehicle and prevent rust. Fresh bird droppings, dirt, sap mist, industrial fallout, road film, and overspray can tarnish the surface of your vehicle.

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Meta Mechanics offers the following advice for detailing your vehicle like a pro:

Detailing a vehicle demands the use of detergents, wash gloves for scrubbing, and, most importantly, perseverance to achieve the desired finish.

The first stage in detailing is hand-washing the vehicle with a premium car wash detergent. Use the appropriate ratio of detergent to the water. Utilize a power washer or garden hose to spray clean water over the vehicle’s surface to remove dirt from the tyres, which are the dirtiest component. Avoid sponges because their wide pores trap dirt. 

This will result in surface scratches as you scrape the car. Use a microfiber car wash mitt that does not retain dirt when rinsed in place of a sponge. Microfiber mitts can be used to wax surfaces, chrome wheels, windows, and metal components. It is also safe for cleaning leather, plastic, vinyl, and wood interior surfaces.

Applying of Detergent

After applying detergent, rinse the surface with warm water. It must be rinsed completely until there are no more suds on the surface. You will need two buckets to wash the vehicle. One for dirty water and the other for pure water. The mitt must be soaked in clean water after washing a surface with detergent to prevent dirt from contaminating the detergent solution.

The windscreen and panes must be meticulously cleaned to enhance driving visibility. Use a foamy glass cleaner to remove residues, dirt, and grease. Utilize a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the surface in a vertical and then horizontal motion. The best results are obtained by spraying the glass cleaner on the cloth and wiping the windows with the soaked cloth.


Waxing gives a protective layer to the external paint, shielding it from UV radiation and prolonging the vehicle’s lustre.

What to Do and What Not to Do When Detailing

  • Never use a dishwasher detergent to clean the exterior of a vehicle, since they are quite powerful and may cause the paint to peel.  
  • Dishwashing liquids are potent because they must act on rough, greasy surfaces and remove food particles clinging to dishes.
  • Never use old T-shirts or banian cloth to clean the exterior of an automobile, since this can cause scratches and damage to the paint. 
  • Utilize an automobile mitt for improved outcomes.
  • Start by scrubbing the least soiled areas before moving on to the more soiled regions.
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